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Eat Your Way Through Florence

Florence is a culinary paradise that attracts with its rich gastronomic heritage. The city's food culture is a delightful blend of tradition, flavor and history. From bustling markets to cozy trattorias tucked away in charming alleyways, every corner offers an exciting journey through Tuscan cuisine. Meals are prepared with a handful of high-quality ingredients that bring out the natural flavors (a drast contrast to North America). The art of pairing local wines enhances any meal and makes dining a special experience. And let's not forget gelato and the countless gelaterias. In Florence, food is definitely a celebration of the city's culinary heritage.

We spent two days in Florence and made the absolute most of it. So in this post, I would like to share our culinary highlights. Let's start with the famous....

Cafe Affogato

We arrived in Florence early in the morning, dropped off our luggage, had a sandwich, and then headed straight to the renowned Vivoli Gelateria, celebrated for its exceptional affogatos. This unassuming gem, tucked away from the tourist crowds, is a place where locals meet lost tourists like us. It took us a while to get the attention of the barista amidst the locals rushing in for their morning espresso. But finally, they took a cup and spread it full to the top with vanilla ice cream, then ran an espresso over it, and voilà, the affogato was ready. A resounding 10 out of 10 recommendation!

A snapshot of our four affogatos in Florence

Up next is the briefly mentioned...


Italy's sandwich culture is a culinary phenomenon celebrated for its simplicity and quality ingredients. Crusty, freshly baked bread, layered with cured meats, cheeses, and vegetables, resulting in the most delicious sandwich you'll probably ever taste. An essence of Italian culinary as some might say!

Based on some online recommendations, we went to All'antico Vinaio in Rome as well as in Florence. BUT, go early, catch a good moment or go somewhere else. While the sandwiches are fantastic, you can easily wait an hour. Since we arrived very early in Florence, we were one of the first customers. Second piece of advice, you might want to share a sandwich, because they are huge and they don't skimp on the ingredients. I had one with burrata, ham and pistachio cream. I was also so hungry that I didn't take a picture of it. :)

Best Dinner in Town

To be honest, I still dream about that one dinner we had in Florence. We made a reservation (recommended!) at Zaza and to this day, we are still talking about that meal.

It was a mild summer evening (mild = 35 degrees haha) and we were sitting outside on a busy square where a street musician was playing, surrounded by tables full of people. Besides too much bread, the four of us had three different dishes and each of us was thrilled. We had Rigatoni Alla Sorrentina, Beefsteak and Prawns and Zucchini Flowers Spaghettini topped with fresh truffle.

Our meals at Zaza restaurant

It Smells Like Gucci

Are you ready for a more exquisite but unique experience? Then book a table at the Gucci restaurant, the Massimo Bottura Gucci Osteria.

This restaurant is located in the historic Palazzo della Mercanzia and is one of a kind. Our partners surprised us with this restaurant visit, and it was a great idea. First of all, the decoration of the restaurant is phenomenal. Elegant, but colourful, it reflects the iconic style of the brand. What we also loved about the restaurant is that one of the head chefs is Karime Lopez. In 2019, she was named Italy’s Female Chef of the Year, in 2020 she became the first Mexican woman ever to win a Michelin star.

For the rest, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves:

A gucci plate in the gucci restaurant

Three pictures from the Gucci restaurant

And to finish this post, I would like to share another small advice with you: Look for one of the wine windows, Buchette del vino, and enjoy a fresh, local wine. :)

Picture from a wine window

I hope you enjoy that little journey through Florence and if you're there next time, make sure to visit some of these places. Or add new ones to our list. :)


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