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Book Review || Nightbloom

It all started on Sunday morning with the intention of reading the first few pages to get an idea of what the book was like. Two hours and 150 pages later, I realized that I hadn't had breakfast yet and that my dog probably had to pee.

How a birthday gift turned into one of my best reads this summer.....

Nightbloom is a beautifully written book with a compelling story about two cousins in Ghana who are inseparable, but life and family drives them apart. It makes you angry, gives you hope, opens your eyes, makes you smile and teaches you the lesson that there are two sides to every story!

The Book

Picture of the cover of the book

The books centres on Selasi and Akorfa, inseparable cousins in a Ghanaian village, characterized by Selasi's vibrant spirit and Akorfa's quiet diligence. As fate and familial tensions intervene, their paths diverge: Akorfa pursues an education in the United States, while Selasi choses a different path. A pivotal crisis reunites them, revealing Selasi's hidden truth and forching Akorfa to confront her role in their estrangement. It is a story about the unbreakable power of female friendship and it is a testament to the strength of female bonds and resilience in the face of a society that would prefer to silence women (sentence from the back of the book). Set against the backdrop of Ghana's complex class dynamics and family relationships, the book offers a poignant exploration of memory and a candid portrayal of the lives of African-born women in the United States.

The Author

Picture of the author

Peace Adzo Medie, an accomplished scholar and author, holds the position of associate professor in politics at the University of Bristol. Her research at the convergence of African studies, women's and gender studies, and international relations focuses on responses to gender-based violence and other security issues by both state and non-state actors. In 2020, she published the book "Global Norms and Local Action: The Campaigns to End Violence against Women in Africa" and her first novel "His Only Wife".

"Nightbloom" is her second novel and was published in summer 2023.

Peace Adzo Medie has won many awards for her work, including the Best Article Award of the European Journal of Politics and Gender and the African Author Prize of African Affairs. She has also held several fellowships, including the Oxford-Princeton Global Leaders fellowship.

Her educational background include a BA in Geography from the University of Ghana, an MA in International Studies from Ohio University, and a PhD in Public and International Affairs from the University of Pittsburgh.


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