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What does Creative Kommunikation stand for?


Innovation means bringing new ideas to life. According to Merriam Webster, innovation is a novelty, a new idea, method or device, the introduction of something new. Innovation is the creation of something meaningful in the context in which one lives, exists and works.

What it means on this page? Personal innovation in the sense of personal development; professional development in the sense of branding, female empowerment and equality; and environmental innovation in the sense of cleantech, tech and sustainability.

Female Empowerment

This topic is very close to my heart and influences every part of my life. On this page, I will connect empowerment with branding and business. It is a topic when I interview people for the portrait series on personal branding and potentially in one or the other article and book review.

Books, books, books:

Books are a big part of my life and that's why they are also part of page. My book reviews cover fictional and non-fictional stories and are a reflection of what I read on a daily base.

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